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Top Pet Names 2015

It's that time of year again, Aoife Caulfield of Just Cats Veterinary Clinic has our annual Top Pet Names Survey ready and there were a few surprises! Who know cat owners were soccer fans? While there has long been a trend for naming our pets human names, which feline moniker is steadily climbing the baby name stakes?

Although we only treat your feline friends at Just Cats Veterinary Clinic, Aoife Caulfield has managed to survey over 70,000 dogs and cats from veterinary clinics across Dublin, Meath and Kildare. 

Vaccinations and Annual Health Check

The annual health assessment is the 'NCT' for your beloved cat. All cats should have an annual health check. This is especially important in young kittens and in our older friends. Cats age faster than we do, so a lot can happen in just one year. Hence, an annual check enables us to find small problems, before they become big ones! Conditions like dental disease, kidney or thyroid disease and arthritis can be detected and treated early, thus preventing rapid deterioration and prolonging your cat's life.

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