cat spay

Last Hope Animal Charity

Over the last months of 2014, we have become involved with Last Hope Animal Charity and their spay/neuter programs. They have also helped us share information on cats needing new homes. We are so impressed with their efforts to improve many animals lives, cats, dogs, rabbits and other small furry pets. We have neutered many stray and feral cats with their voucher scheme since joining them in September. We are also hoping to help them with some TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) efforts in the future.

Just Neuter!

Here at Just Cats, we strongly recommend that all pet cats are neutered or spayed. There are numerous health benifits to spay or neuter and the risks of fighting, picking up injuries related to wandering and picking up contagious diseases are all decreased by having this procedure performed. Aside from the direct benifits for your cat, it is better for the cat population that you spay or neuter your beautiful pet. There are thousand upon thousands of ferel and pet cats and kittens killed and euthanised each year due to over-population.

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