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We all know how cats love to keep themselves clean and if you are a cat owner yourself you can probably agree that a large amount of your cat's time is spent cleaning and beautifying itself. A common side effect of this fastidious approach to personal hygiene is that some cats then develop hairballs. We often get phone calls from owners worried about their cat having vomited up a UFO (Unidentified Furry Object) and often enough, it is a hairball.

Lily Poisoning in Cats

Here at Just Cats, we know that prevention is better than the cure. This is why we feel very strongly that cat owners need to be made aware of how poisonous lilies are to our feline friends. While there are owners out there that are aware, for the majority of people this is new information.

Our First Patient!!


Meet Toffee, our first patient here at Just Cats! Toffee's mum was first in line yesterday to meet us and get Toffee booked in for his neuter. He is 4 months old and has started to go out and not come back in a hurry. His family were becomming worried about him. So, as responsible cat owners, the decision was taken to neuter him asap to prevent any more roaming, or more serious actions like fighting or breeding. They brought Toffee in this morning and he underwent and general anaesthetic. Surgery went well and he was awake and eating within an hour.

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