cat insurance

How to help your cat lose weight!

Weight Loss can be tricky in our feline friends. We face challenges such as the lazy indoor cat, or the outdoor cats that is out roaming and may be fed at other homes. By ensuring that your cat is a healthy weight, you reduce the risks and costs associated with obesity related diseases throughout their lives. Obesity related diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and dermatitis, to name a few, are increasing in incidence at an alarming rate.

The Low-Down on Feline Health Insurance

Here at Just Cats we strongly recommend that you get health insurance from your feline friend. Cat health insurance can cover veterinary costs for any illnesses & injuries your cat may suffer throughout their life.

One in three cats will require unexpected veterinary attention every year. Costs of surgery and treatment can be expensive and having a good insurance policy, means not only can your cat get the best treatments available to them but also you don’t need to worry about the cost of these treatments. This allows you to focus on your cat’s recovery.

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