Who we are?

Welcome to referral page, Dublin's first and only dedicated feline veterinary clinic. We are proud holders of the Gold Standard Award for the Cat Friendly Clinic program, making us one of only two Cat Friendly Clinics in Ireland. Our aim at Just Cats is to make a visit to the vet as enjoyable as possible, for both you and your cat. In our brand new clinic we have an enthusiastic team of cat-focused veterinary professionals alongside state of the art equipment, so feel assured that your cat will be receiving the very best care.

Our Team of highly specialised Veterianry surgeons and nurses is led by Roberta D’antone D.V.M.  As well as Roberta offering continuing education in feline medicine to other members of our profession, our vets regularly attend veterianry conferences in order to keep up-to-date in their specific fields of expertise. Our aim is to stay up to date with all new research so we can offer the very best to our patients and their owner

What to do if you are referred?

If you are referred to us by your veterinary surgeon you can ask your vet to call us to refer directly to us. Otherwise you can call us yourself to make the referral appointment. Ask your vet for your full history and results of any tests that were carried out. This will give our vets an up to date view on what has been done already. We can then get started.

Your Appointment:

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to enable reception staff to register your pets details before you see the vet. See map below for directions and please do not hesitate to contact us if you get lost. We always aik to see our clients on time. If for some reason this is not possible or there is a slight delay you will be notified straight away


For Vets referring to Just Cats:

Please fill Referral Form and give as much detail as possible