Fact Sheets

How to encourage your cat to drink more water

Does your cat drink as much water as it should? Probably not. Cats are not "natural drinkers" so you may need to encourage your cat to increse their water intake. Cats need water in their diet to help prevent with urinary and other medical problems. It  is not always easy to encourage water drinking but here are a few tips to help your feline friend with its water habits.


Minding your Cat's Pearly Whites!

Brushing a cat's teeth is likely to be the single most effective way to reduce dental plaque and maintain long-term oral health. Like humans, brushing will not only prevent plaque and tartar formation; it will also promote healthy gums and reduce bad breath. Daily brushing is ideal, if it is possible for your cat.

Some cats are prone to dental disease, due to many factors including genetics, diet and their immune status. Rigorous home care or, in severe cases, multiple teeth extractions may be needed to help these cats.

Home care

Just Prevention of Internal and External Parasites

Unsure about where to go or what to buy? Or even why you should?! Let us try and make it all a bit simpler for you...


All kittens have worms. They get them directly from their mother's milk as newborns. You may never see these worms in your cats poo, but there may be millions of microscopic eggs in their poo, on their hair, or on hairbrushes, beds and carpets. If left untreated, worms can lead to poor weight gain and growth, weight loss, bloating, diarrhoea and even death! 

Just Neuter!

Here at Just Cats, we strongly recommend that all pet cats are neutered or spayed. There are numerous health benifits to spay or neuter and the risks of fighting, picking up injuries related to wandering and picking up contagious diseases are all decreased by having this procedure performed. Aside from the direct benifits for your cat, it is better for the cat population that you spay or neuter your beautiful pet. There are thousand upon thousands of ferel and pet cats and kittens killed and euthanised each year due to over-population.

How to help your cat lose weight!

Weight Loss can be tricky in our feline friends. We face challenges such as the lazy indoor cat, or the outdoor cats that is out roaming and may be fed at other homes. By ensuring that your cat is a healthy weight, you reduce the risks and costs associated with obesity related diseases throughout their lives. Obesity related diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and dermatitis, to name a few, are increasing in incidence at an alarming rate.

The Low-Down on Feline Health Insurance

Here at Just Cats we strongly recommend that you get health insurance from your feline friend. Cat health insurance can cover veterinary costs for any illnesses & injuries your cat may suffer throughout their life.

One in three cats will require unexpected veterinary attention every year. Costs of surgery and treatment can be expensive and having a good insurance policy, means not only can your cat get the best treatments available to them but also you don’t need to worry about the cost of these treatments. This allows you to focus on your cat’s recovery.


We all know how cats love to keep themselves clean and if you are a cat owner yourself you can probably agree that a large amount of your cat's time is spent cleaning and beautifying itself. A common side effect of this fastidious approach to personal hygiene is that some cats then develop hairballs. We often get phone calls from owners worried about their cat having vomited up a UFO (Unidentified Furry Object) and often enough, it is a hairball.

Vaccinations and Annual Health Check

The annual health assessment is the 'NCT' for your beloved cat. All cats should have an annual health check. This is especially important in young kittens and in our older friends. Cats age faster than we do, so a lot can happen in just one year. Hence, an annual check enables us to find small problems, before they become big ones! Conditions like dental disease, kidney or thyroid disease and arthritis can be detected and treated early, thus preventing rapid deterioration and prolonging your cat's life.