Hello again, feline-fans. In one of our previous posts, we looked at ways of sussing-out what your cat may be thinking. Today, however, we’ll be looking at why your cat meows; an important thing to know indeed! In fairness to cats they often like to keep their feelings to themselves, but sometimes they just can’t help it!

Before we go any further... Marking the fourth time I’ve mentioned this, but cats don’t meow to each other. Yes, you read that correctly. They don’t normally, anyway. They use it to grab our attention. So, since they only use meowing as a means of interacting with us humans, why do they meow? Well, there are a number of reasons...


A hungry cat will meow incessantly, trail around your legs and generally make a nuisance of themselves until their bowl is filled with their favourite food. They might also try and lead you to their bowl and then begin meowing at it. Most cats aren’t greedy, so if you hear meowing out in the back hall you’ve probably forgotten about dinner time.


Whether it’s for play or for pets, a cat will meow when it wants its human to interact with it. Make no mistake about who thinks they own who, you exist for your cats convenience only and meowing is the one thing that makes this clear. Again, if your cat is meowing, perhaps crawling all over you and generally being around you, it can be a sure sign that they wish to interact with you.


Cats can become bored very quickly, even after hours of stimulation with their human. While this relates to them wanting attention, a cat can meow simply out of sheer boredom; hoping that someone or something is kind enough to come along and entertain them. No one expects to keep your cat’s appetite for play satiated; it’s almost a job in and of itself!


A cat will meow weakly and staccato’d when it is hurt or scared; you’ll immediately know the difference when it occurs, trust us. This meow is definitely something to investigate as swiftly as possible as it could mean life or death for your little shadow. If there’s nothing visibly wrong with your cat, you should make an appointment for a consultation regardless; sometimes pain can manifest on the inside...

General Meowing Cheatsheet

• Short Meow or a quick Mew. This is a Hello greeting to you.

• Multiple Meows at you: When you come home from a long day’s work or your cat has not seen you for a while then you'll notice your cat may meow multiple times. This is a very excited greeting from your cat, something like "I’m very excited to see you!"

• Mid-pitch Meow: This is like a plea. For example, they may want food or attention.

• Drawn out Meow: Your cat is demanding something, such as "let me go out now!"

• Low Pitch Meow: This is your cat complaining to you about something you have done wrong.

• High Pitch Meow: Your cat is angry or in pain. For example, if you have ever accidentally stepped on your cat’s tail, you may have heard her let out a big high-pitched meow.

A sharp ear is all you need to unlock the inner workings of your cat’s mind… and perhaps a little guidance from a Village Vet, too. No one knows your cat better than you, but don’t worry if you haven’t got it down to a fine art. Becoming familiar with your pet’s personality will take time, but trust us, you’ll know exactly what sound means which food after a couple of months!

So, if you have any other questions that we didn’t manage to cover, you can always ring us or have a gander here. We’d be happy to give you advice on what your pet is trying to tell you!

For now, Paw-Friends, we say fare-thee-well!

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