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Welcome to Just Cats

We are so happy to welcome you and your kitty cat to our Just Cats family! Our mission is to make lives better through excellence in veterinary care while truly caring for the best interests of our patients, customers and colleagues. We endeavour to provide best practice veterinary & customer care at all times. Compassion is important to us as we empathise will all our patients, clients and colleagues while treating them with respect and dignity in a compassionate manner.

New Cat

Did you welcome a kitten into your family? This is a really exciting time for all your family. There can be a lot to take in but don’t be overwhelmed we are here to help! We have all the information about vaccinations, microchipping, worming, flea, mite and tick treatment, neutering, Pet Health Plan and diet, you need in one place.

Download our kitten brochure for everything you need to know:


Unfortunately, thousands of unwanted cats are put to sleep in Ireland each year, even when there are many excellent charities trying to re-home and foster pets. However, there is only one clear way to stop this from happening; having your kitten neutered. “Neutering” is an umbrella term that covers the surgical procedure that prevents pets from reproducing. There are many benefits such as preventing unwanted kittens, reducing the risk of serious illnesses such as womb infection, a number of cancers, prostate problems and some prostate cancers, making your cat less prone to developing problem behaviours like aggression, etc.


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Pet Health Plan

When you take on with a stray or adopt a friend forever, you’re almost guaranteed to need a vet at least once a year, even if it’s for something as simple as an annual booster or the all-important worming dose. However, if you find yourself visiting your vet more often than this, costs can quickly start to add up. With this in mind, we at Just Cats decided a long time ago that there must be a better solution. And so, our Pet Health Plan was born.

See all the benefits of our Pet Health Plan:


Parasites come in many sizes and shapes. They bite, suck pet’s blood, live on their skin, swim through their bloodstream and feast on their intestinal tract or part of their bodies. They can not only make our cat’s life miserable, but are also a cause of many parasitic infections- even life threatening if left untreated. Some of them can infect and can be transmitted to humans (zoonotic disease).


The idea of regular dental care for our cats is new to most of us. However, once you know your kitty can suffer from the same oral health problems as we do - plaque, gum disease, tooth loss and more, the idea of regular exams starts to make sense. Cat dental disease is actually seen in 80% of pets over 3 years old. If not detected and treated early it can lead to kidney disease, liver disease and heart disease.

Pet Insurance

Illness and injury are often unexpected and pet health insurance is a way of ensuring that when your pet does need veterinary care, that they get the care they need. Pet insurance helps to take away the worry from vets bills. Even some of the more simple conditions e.g. a dog with vomiting and diarrhea, can end up costing more than you would think!

Pet Passport

You can now bring your cats to and from EU countries (and many other countries) on holidays without the need for quarantine. After all would it really be a holiday without your furry friend by your side? The rules for traveling between different countries vary and are subject to change so ensure you have the most up to date information.


We understand that things go wrong when you least expect it. That's why our sister vet clinic is open on Saturday, Sundays and Bank Holidays as well as regular week days. Good Veterinary care for our clients and their pets means being available every day especially during times when you need us most.

Regardless of the day, we can carry out most veterinary procedures and diagnostics while you wait. Our team of Vets & Nurses are available 7 days a week. This allows your pet fast access to the treatment they need before it's too late.

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