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Just Cats 2018 Top 10 Pet Names Survey

Finding it hard to name your four legged friend? Take some inspiration from Just Cats veterinary clinic’s annual pet name review. According to the survey of over 70,000 patients, throughout a 12 month period, animal owners are being inspired by of-the-moment trends and the news agenda, with an increase in pets being called Harry, Meghan and even Trump!

Popular culture, sport, TV and the weather have all influenced new cat names for 2018, with UFC fighter, Conor McGregor, inspiring the top two places on the newcomers list - McGregor and Notorious. Jon Snow and Khaleesi from Game of Thrones take third and fourth spot, while Ophelia and Trump, take fifth and sixth spot. The love for the latest royal couple continues as Meghan and Harry take seventh and eighth spot on the newcomers list. But fear not, there are still hundreds of Kittys and Fluffys across the nation, as they continue to lead the top 10 cat names in Ireland.

Dog owners continue to name their best friend more human-like names with Molly, Charlie, Max, Daisy, Toby, Bella, Buddy, Jessie, Ruby and Holly rounding off the top 10. However, there are some weird and wonderful names out there that no doubt sound funny shouting out in the park. Glencullen’s Snugglybuggly takes the top spot as the wackiest dog name, while Frank Sinatra inspired, Frankie Blue Eyes, takes second spot. Lightening Mac Burrow, Lazy Daisy and Lady Diana also make the list, as well as Grumpy, Biddy Margaret, Double, Dimebag and Euro.

RVN Veterinary Nurse, Roisin Foran said ‘Our annual survey is conducted across 13 veterinary clinics in Dublin and Meath over a 12 month period, with 70,000 patients. We love the insight it gives us into the weird and wonderful names chosen by pet owners. The old reliable names such as Kitty, Tiger and Daisy, continue to pop up year after year, but it’s the zany, pop-culture and news driven names that really grab our attention when they enter our clinic.’

*Survey was conducted across 13 veterinary clinics over a 12 month period with 70,000 patients.

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