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Keeping your cat calm this hallowe'en

Don't let the spooky season haunt your cat!

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Consistency is Key...

If it’s one thing that cats appreciate a lot, it’s routine and consistency. Halloween is a time when normal order is turned upside down which can be very upsetting for our feline friends. Halloween can be a dangerous season for outdoor cats who may fall victims to incidents of antisocial behaviour. They can also become very distressed at the sound of fireworks. Older cats especially can become so stressed out with changes to their routine or external environment that they become ill.

Luckily, there are measures we can put in place to make sure our kitties are happy and anxiety free heading into the Halloween season.

  • Keep your cat inside over the Halloween period, especially in the week leading up to the day.

  • Make sure that your cat is microchipped and registered! This will increase the chances of you being reunited with them should they go missing. Call us to check if your pet’s microchip is registered.

  • Do not set off fireworks in your own back garden. Not only will this be terrifying for your cat, it is also illegal.

  • Leave the radio on in the room your cat is in as this will help to disguise outside noises.

  • Plug a pheromone diffuser into the room your cat likes to stay in the most. Pheromones are happy hormones that you won’t be able to smell, but it may calm your anxious cat.

  • Don’t dress your cat up in silly costumes. They don’t like it.

  • If you are having visitors over, set your cat up in their own private room with plenty of places to hide as this will help them to feel safe and secure.

  • Leave multiple litter trays and water bowls around, especially in a multi-cat household. This will encourage them to toilet normally in a less than ideal environment.

  • There are a range of natural supplements, foods and medications available to help reduce your cat’s fear and anxiety over the festive season. Call us or book a FREE appointment with our nurses to get the best advice tailored to your pet.

If you have any questions or need advice relating to stress and anxiety reduction for your cat, call us or drop in any time.

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