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Fleas, Ticks and Worms

Why Pet Health Plans should be the answer to your cat’s fleas, ticks, and worms?

Would you believe if someone told you that most of the pets don’t have pet health plans? This should blow your mind considering how easy it is to get a pet health plan for your dog or cat. Even though vets often talk about the importance of pet insurance, not many people understand the value of a pet health plan.
Pet health companies are a boon to the pet society and these plans are readily available. They offer wellness plans as well as vet appointments, booster vaccinations (including Feline Leukemia for cats and kennel cough for dogs), comprehensive annual check-ups, and a lot more.

Why does your pet need a pet health plan?

While you might think why your kitten/cat or puppy/dog needs pet health plans but these have become a necessity especially given how costly treatments and medication have become these days. There are three primary reasons why you should consider getting a pet health plan for your furry pal.

You won’t have to choose between your pet and your wallet
One of the hardest decisions you will have to make as a pet owner is choosing whether or not you want to go through with the costly medical treatment of your pet. With a pet health plan you won’t have to come to this situation as you will get free vet visits that you can use to your advantage by getting your pet examined regularly and keeping it in a healthy shape all the time.

Prevent dire situations by taking precautions
Accidents happen. No matter how well you take care of your cat, it will surely meet with an accident at some point. Whether it is a torn cruciate ligament from jumping off height to a toenail that got caught in the couch… your pet can easily meet with an accident and it could cost you hundreds in vet bills. Such incidents are out of your control but there are certain conditions with pets that you can prevent if you take precautions beforehand. You can get the needed booster vaccinations done for free via pet health plans so that your pet doesn’t face any serious medical issues later on.

You get to choose a plan that fits your needs the best
There are pet health plans in the market customized specifically to fit your needs and budget. You pet will get a lot of options ranging from booster vaccinations to annual check-ups and more. There are plans that are specifically meant for fleas on cats, ticks on cats, worms on cats, parasite problems, allergies, and more.

Village Vets – Get the best pet health plans for your loving pets at Village Vets

At Village Vets, we want the best for your pets. That is why we look to provide the best pet health plans for every client. What’s best is that with every pet health plan you get a number of perks and attractive offers. Your pet can get free pet health visits throughout the year, get nail trimming done for free, free annual blood and urine tests, flea and parasite packs for 50% off, and a lot more. In fact, we are the only ones that offer free vet visits as a part of our pet health plans.

Our Dublin Vet team is full of qualified specialists and hardworking nurses making us the best option for you and your pet. If you have a pet that is in need of inspection or if you want to consult us, you can give us a call anytime and we will make a slot available for you.

We have a special Pet Health Plus Parasite Prevention Pack made specifically for cats suffering from fleas and worms. This pack will help you save up to 40% on worm and flea prevention for your cat. Once you visit Village Vets, our experts will assess your pet’s risk and come up with the best year round protection from parasites for your pet. This is a great deal as it will help you have great savings on flea and worm treatment.

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