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Do they love us?

Six Signs That Shows Your Cat Loves You

Hello again, feline-fans. In one of our previous posts, we looked at ways of sussing-out what your cat
may be thinking. Today, however, we’ll be looking at Six Signs That Shows Your Cat Loves You; an
important thing to know indeed! In fairness to cats they often like to keep their feelings to
themselves, but sometimes they just can’t help it!

6: The Blink
Th blink is the ultimate form of affection that a cat can bestow upon you. In the wild, cats will rarely
close their eyes (such as their instincts demand). However, when they feel safe, secure and trust the
people or cats around them, they will give them the blink; a slow and sluggish eyelid close followed
by an equally slower open. In English, this translates to: I trust you and I may also love you. Do it back
and let your cat know that you feel the same!

5: Tall Tails
A cat’s tail is almost as expressive as its face. When upright and straight, your cat is projecting their
confidence to all who can see. When it is curled, perhaps trailing around your leg or another cat’s
tail, your little feline is showing you love. When their tail is low or between their legs, your cat may
not feel comfortable with the current situation. Finally, when their tail is brush-like and vibrating they
are telling anyone who cares to stay as far away as possible. So, the next time you’re putting their
food bowl down, watch for their tail; I guarantee it’ll be twisting around your ankle!

4: Yummy

There are many reasons why a cat might “Yummy” (or the kneading action cats perform on humans or pillows). Some say it’s to stimulate their Mother’s milk glands, others think that it’s a digestive aid. In any case, if a cat loves something it will knead it into oblivion. If your cat is yummying and purring at the same time, you’ll know you’ve reached the pinnacle of your cat’s love! (Which brings us to our next point…)

3: Purr…
Cats purr for many reasons, but it’s widely known that a purring cat is a happy cat. If you’re sitting on
your couch and your cat randomly approaches you with a purr, you can rest easy in the knowledge
that your cat isn’t eyeing you up for a feed, but is happy in your presence. What will normally follow
is a cuddle, at least until your cat is sufficiently loved up. Just don’t be sad when it’s over; smile
because it happened!

2: Shadow
If you find that your cat follows you everywhere, shadows your steps and generally wants to be near
or around you, it’s because they find you and your scent comforting. This stems from their time with
their Mother where she would emit a calming pheromone to let her young know that they are safe.
In this case, your cat thinks that you’re its Mother; a key sign that your cat truly loves you.

1: GiFs Galore
A common trope with cats is the bringing of “gifts”. These gifts can range from hunted prey to sticks
they think looked nice. In essence, your cat is trying to provide for you because it thinks you’re a
terrible hunter. While it’s certainly not a compliment, the fact that your cat wishes for you to eat
something is a sure sign that it cares about your wellbeing; well, cares enough to bring you
something that it killed… In cat society this is a big deal, so feel honoured!
So, the next time you’re wondering if your cat truly loves you, have a think and see how many things
on this list that he or she does. If it’s 0 then you’re cat may have been replaced with a stray; if it’s 1
or above your cat is irreversibly besotted with you!
For more advice on cats, kittens and most things with claws you can call us here on 353 (0)1
8227270. Otherwise it’s ta-ta for now cat-fans!

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