Isn’t it funny how history repeats itself? In ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped, respected and thought to ward off the influence of evil. In lieu of this, the Egyptians built statues to honour their feline companions. We, on the other hand, built the Internet; mainly because we wanted to look at pictures of them (and maybe share some science-y stuff with each other during the early 90’s).
In both time periods, one thing is constant: We love cats! And so, in honour of this age-old bond between human and furry friend, we have brought forth 12 amazing cat facts for your viewing pleasure; just in-case you didn’t love cats quite enough.

12: Bigger Engine, Same Idea
Just as Cheetahs use their tail as an inertial stabiliser, house cats can do it too in the heat of the chase; swinging it to retain balance and change direction. A cat’s tail also serves as a great indicator of what mood they’re in!

11: The Box
Cat’s love boxes because it helps them to feel safe. Besides that, a decent box will provide obstruction on three sides with a viewing side for your “hidden” cat; ideal for hunting prey (i.e, you).

10: Meow, Meow-Meow
Honestly, I couldn’t believe it when I found out (any wonder, considering that this makes the third time I’ve mentioned it...), but cats only meow for our “benefit”. They don’t actually meow to each other in the wild. Mind = blown (mine anyway).

9: Walk Like An...
The Egyptian word for cat is Mau. Can you guess why? Well, it’s a little-known fact, but the Egypti

ans were prodigies in the field of Pokémon catching and named most of the animals they came across based on the sound they made. Hence, the cat became known as the ‘Mau’.

8: Lie-on
It is estimated that by the time a cat is nine years old, it will only have been awake for a total of three years of its life. So, if you get the choice when all is said and done, always come back as a cat!

7: Weird Customs
Yep, it’s certainly not something we do to one another, but when a cat is sticking its... Its umm... Its bum, shall we say, in your face, it means that they consider you to be a good friend. Thankfully, we prefer to stick the kettle on when we have people we like in our homes.

6: Creatures of Habit
Cats will often build and rigidly stick to their own little routines. If you notice them breaking away from these norms, it can be a tell-tale sign that there is something bothering your cat, or at least that there’s something preventing them from reaching their favourite lounging area.

5: Ignorance Is Bliss
It is widely believed that cats have a rudimentary understanding of our words and speech patterns, it’s simply that they just don’t care to listen to us, at least until there’s food in our hands; then they’re all ears.

4: A Simple op to Save a Life
Having your cat spayed or neutered can actually prolong their life by reducing their risk of developing cancers, simmering their aggression and potentially eliminating their chances of getting an STD or STI.

3: Pick Your Poison
It’s a myth that milk is good for cats. Sure, it can be fine for kittens in small doses, but milk can actually have adverse effects on your adult cat. Cream, however, can be given as a treat sparingly. In the wild, cats will only ever drink their Mother’s milk or water.

2: Speaking of Wild...
It’s estimated that there are over 200,000 stray or feral cats currently in Ireland; as good a reason as any to adopt a stray from your local shelter or estate (so long as they don’t have a collar).

1: One Small Paw for Cat...
The first and only cat in space was French and a girl! Félicette was launched 100 miles above the Earth’s surface in 1963 where she experienced brief weightlessness before coming back to Earth and landing. According to most sources, Félicette very much enjoyed her ascent and being weightless, though her return to Earth was somewhat worrying. In the end, she made it back alive!

Hopefully there are some things on our list that really surprised you. No joke, I’m still reeling over the meowing at humans thing. Anyway... If you have any questions, why don’t you lift the phone, ask us whatever you’d like? We’re always happy to give advice whenever we’re needed!

For now, feline-fanatics, that’s all from us.


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