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Can your cat be poisoned by your medicines?

Our cats are precious to us; there is something about that little ball of fur that brings immense joy whenever we hug them. We invest a lot of time, energy and money in keeping them healthy and well-fed. Most of us even arrange a pedicure session for them, the care our little furry friends receive is truly special, and they are like our children. Despite all this our furry little friends often wander off, climb on trees, go missing occasionally and run from the neighbor’s dog, there are numerous things at home that may very well prove to be harmful to them. One among them is our medicine.
Your cat probably doesn’t have an advanced degree in pharmaceutics, therefore, he or she may consume pills like any other treat and walk away filled and satisfied. Such instances are particularly common when you leave your medicine lying about unattended. Such negligence needs to be avoided at all costs.

The medicines that you and I consume contain several chemicals that are appropriate only for humans. The dosage of said medicines are carefully calibrated to be effective to someone your age, weight and health. These medicines are designed for you, not for your cats and as such they can prove to be extremely harmful to cats.

Even something as simple as an Aspirin is harmless when you consume it, however the dosage is extremely high for someone as small as a cat. Although it may seem inconsequential your cat needs to be kept away from even simple medicines like Aspirin.

There are numerous cases of cat poisoning that vets face every day. Several of these cases are admitted late and therefore, there is very little the vet can do to save the cat. Such cases of medicinal poisoning needs to be handled at the earliest. Do not treat it as trivial.

Precautions to be taken

1. Do not leave your medicine unattended, as obvious as it sounds, do not leave potential poison around, because your cat may get curious and have a taste.
2. Look out for fallen pills, there are many cases where pills may fall down accidentally and you only notice it hours later. In such a situation count the pills that are on the floor and make sure that all the pills are in order by checking with your prescription. If there are pills missing, continue searching for them in the vicinity of where you found the rest of the pills. If you still are not able to find them, then it’s a safe assumption that your cat may have consumed them. In this case waste absolutely no time and visit your nearest vet or simply dial us up and we will provide you with an emergency consultation.
3. If you have even the slightest suspicion that your cat may have consumed medicines unintentionally then you must take pro-active steps to ensure the safety of your cat. At no cost should you waste time debating with yourself or your family as to the probability of your cat having consumed such medication.
4. Needless to say, do not feed your cat your medicines if the cat is feeling sick. This may seem trivial but there are countless cases where people have fed their cats their medications when they noticed something wrong with their pet. If your cat isn’t feeling well the best thing to do is to take it to the nearest vet or to book an appointment with us. Under no circumstances should you attempt to diagnose the disease and consequently try to treat it with medicines that are meant for humans.

How to tackle a potential cat poisoning?

First and foremost, do not waste any time. Book an emergency appointment with us. Tackling poisoning early gives us a tremendous advantage when it comes to saving the cat from the ill-effects of poisoning.
If possible, provide the cat with fluids to consume, this is a temporary measure however, it will greatly decrease the spread of the poison itself.
In conclusion, poisoning of cats due to consumption of the owners medicine is not a rare occurrence however it is a serious and potentially fatal one. The solution is to tackle it at the earliest in-order to ensure the continued health of your pet.

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