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Are the Toys your Cat Plays with Dangerous?

... not all are safe!

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Linear Foreign Bodies

Everyone knows the stereotypical image of a cat playing with a ball of wool. Seems like safe, harmless fun... right? 


Actually no.

Cats are prone to getting what is called a 'linear foreign body'. This happens when a cat swallows something long and thin, such as a piece of string. It can get tangled up in the intestines and cut off blood supply to the bowel or even tear them completely. Torn intestines will leak faecal matter into the abdomen which results in a life threatening infection. At this stage, the cat needs surgery to remove the object causing the problem, but it is an extremely serious condition.

The best thing to do? Give your cat appropriate toys to prevent an issue like this from occurring.

Good Toys

  • balls

  • home made toilet paper roll cat toy

  • cardboard boxes

  • laser pointers (endless fun)

  • scratching posts

Bad Toys

  • wool/string

  • tinsel

  • pipe cleaners

  • knitting needles and sewing needles!

We can recommend great toys for your cat in our clinic, just call us or drop in!

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