Squats and Abs just for cats!


Good health and fitness are key to a long, healthy and happy life; both for you and your cat. As much as we need regular exercise, so do our cats. Today when most of us are leading such sedentary lifestyles, it is even more important to give exercising and fitness the attention it deserves. So this one is for all you cat owners, you can exercise, make your cat exercise and have fun- all at the same time. How?

How to exercise with your cat and bring in fitness?

Run Around the house!

It’s a big myth that only dogs enjoy a game of fetch. You can play fetch and run around with your cat, indulging in exercise and fun at the same time. Use a yarn ball or a toy with a light on it, so the cat chases it. The tip is, instead of sitting in one place and throwing the toy, run along!

Ab Exercises

Toning your abs is a great way to lose inches, and have a great cardio session at the same time. Doing ab crunches with a flashlight in your hand will give your cat a great exercise session too! As you move up and down with the flashlight the cat will run to chase the light- win-win for both!

Weight Training

Just like the abs with a flashlight, add a flashlight or an LED toy to your weight training. While you lift the weight, the cat chases the light.

It’s all about being innovative and if you really want to stay fit and want the same for your cat- get going! Many cat owners enjoy working out with their fur balls, allowing them extended quality time with their cats, releasing stress and bringing in fitness for both.

Try it out! ;)

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