Holiday Safety Tips For Cats

It is natural to be enthusiastic about the upcoming holidays and look forward to deck up the whole house for Christmas and New Year. However, you should not forget in your enthusiasm that felines are attracted to shiny and stringy objects which are not always safe for them. Here are some tips that you can follow to keep your cats safe from holiday mishaps:

1. Avoid using ribbons and tinsel for gift-wrapping

Cats love chewing strings and playing with them. As the ribbons which are used for wrapping gifts are generally shiny and sparkly, cats get attracted to them all the more. The danger is that if the cats swallow these strings, they can get stuck inside their food pipe and cause linear foreign body obstruction which requires immediate surgery. So you should avoid the use of such ribbons and instead opt for paper bows.

2. Hang lights out of the reach of cats

Electric lights which keep on changing colors make cats very curious. The extension cord used for powering the string lights may seem like a string to your cat. You need to keep both these things out of the reach of your cats otherwise they can end up getting electrocuted or burned.

3. Do not let cats go too near to the fireplace or burning candles

Lighting candles is an essential part of Christmas and the cold weather outside demands that you light a fire. Cats love the warmth of fire and they tend to perch themselves near the source of heat. However, if they go too near to the fire, their hair and whiskers can get burned. It may so happen that the cat might knock down a candle and cause a fire. You should make use of a fireplace shield and keep the candles out of the reach of your pets.

4. Choose non-toxic plants or artificial flowers

Cats are notorious for nibbling on whatever they can lay their hands on. Holiday flowers like holly, mistletoe and poinsettias look really beautiful and are symbolic of the holiday season but these same plants can cause a lot of trouble for the cats because they are toxic for them. Even flowers like amaryllis and lilies are dangerous for the cats. If the cats chew on these flowers, they may need to take a trip to the emergency vet. It is a good idea to use silk flowers or non-toxic plants instead.

Do keep these tips in mind to ensure your cat's safety this holiday season. If you have an emergency, don't hesitate to call us at Just Cats on 01 822 7270.
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