Safety Tips on How to Make this Halloween Cat Friendly

Halloween and cats,

Dressing Your Cat Can Cause Anxiety.

Dressing your cat for Halloween may sound like fun to you but your pet may not feel the same way. If you are going to dress your cat, make sure to associate it with a happy, positive experience with lots of praise and treats! Don't put them in a costume if they are not happy in it. Try a spooki collar or festive bandana instead.

Buttons, Strings & Laces Can Pose a Choking Hazard.

Avoid loose things attached to their costumes. Your cat might decide to chew on them. Be ESPECIALLY careful in the case of young kittens, prone to put absolutely anything available in their mouths!

Many Halloween Sweets Are Toxic!

Cats don’t typically have a sweet tooth but if your cat has gotten into the habit of swiping food from the table or has been exposed to sweet food from family, make sure all candy is kept out of their reach. Even the wrappers can potentially cause choking so make sure all candy is unreachable.

If they do happen to eat chocolate, dont wait, call us immediately! Outside normal opening hours, call us on our regular number and your call will be transferred accordingl

Cat Proof Your Decorations.

Many cats adore playing with string type decorations! Buttons, string and laces can easily be swallowed and can also lead to injury. The last thing you want to do is dress your cat up with costumes that may present a choking hazard to them.

Trick or Treaters May Cause Anxiety.

A continuous stream of strangers in costumes approaching your property could easily upset your cat. Keep them in a room with some background noise on. Do not let them access to the door. Make a den for them to hide in.

If your cat has a habit of door darting whenever it’s open, then Halloween can be a real challenge for you. To keep your cat safe, place them in a separate room to prevent the chance that they might slip out the door as you’re dropping candy into the open bags of trick-or-treaters.

Fireworks Often Cause Anxiety.

Loud noises and bright flashes your cat isn’t used to, like thunder and lightning or fireworks, can easily cause anxiety!

Try closing the windows, doors and turning on the tv/radio to muffle the sound of fireworks.

Update Tags & Microchips.

In case your cat does somehow get away from you, the excessive activity and loud noises could easily cause him/her to bolt! If this does happen, you are going to be grateful you made sure your cat could be easily located!

 Remember, the Safest Place During these Scary Times is at Home!

The safest place for your little one during these noisy, anxiety driven events is at home, securely away from all of the outside activity!

Talk to Your Vet About Pheromonal Anti-Stress Support!

Talk to us about pheromonal anti-stress support. Like many other medications, pheromone therapy will not yield immediate results. It can take some time for the pheromones to have a noticeable effect on your cat. It takes an average of 14 days for the pheromones to really calm anxious pets, so it's important to plan ahead.

Don’t worry; we provide a huge range of items recommended for this scary time!

Come in and let us know how we can help your pet fo Halloween!

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