Taking Blood Samples From Your Cat

Cat Blood test

For a proper veterinary diagnosis, doing a blood test is very important.Even though your cat may ave been displaying the symptomsof a particular isease,this may not be enough to make an accurate diagnosis.There is also the issue that several diseases sometimes have similar symptoms.It is a blood test that will help us find out which condition is affecting your pet.

First of all, the nurse will take your cat to the treatment room where there is a room set aside. Depending on how hairy your pet is, some of their hair may be clipped for easy collection of blood.Two major parts where blood may be collected are paws and the neck. These are the easiest parts for blood collection without inflicting much pain on the animal.According to the usual practice, the blood will be put in a collection tube and the tube will be labeled accordingly to avoid a mix-up. Apart from labeling, blood can be identified by the color of the tube so different types of blood are collected into different tube colors.It is important for blood plasma to be separated from the other blood components, so the blood sample is spun on a centrifuge machine for proper isolation of blood plasma.Depending on what the blood sample is being tested for, some samples can be tested in the clinic there. For these samples, it takes just about 30 minutes for the result to come out. You just have to wait for that period of time to get your result and determine the next line of action right there.But some samples have to be sent a way for more extensive tests. This one will take about 5 working days for the result to come out. When the result comes out, you will receive a call.To educate our clients further, below are some important reasons for conducting blood tests.

Pre-Anaesthetic Blood Test

This test is to determine if your pet’s organs are functioning properly. This is usually recommended before any heavy sedation or general anaesthetic. Your cat’s perfect physical condition does not mean that all his organs are working well. For instance a cat’s kidney would have been 75% destroyed before you notice any physical symptoms. This test is for the best interest of your pet. A pet with some bad organs should not be sedated.

Senior Health Check

This check is meant to curb or nip a medical condition in the bud. All medical conditions are usually easier to cure at an early stage. Just like how people are advised to continuously check for early signs of illness so that it can be tackled at an early age. As pets grow older, their cells, tissues, organs and systems will be getting weaker and more prone to diseases. Catching a liver disease at its early stage will make a big difference in the success of the treatment. Needless to say some conditions can only be detected through a blood test.

Blood Testing To Monitor a Condition

When certain conditions are being treated, they ought to be monitored to check if there are signs of improvement. You can only monitor these conditions via regular blood tests. Some of these conditions are liver disease, kidney disease ,diabetes and even heart disease.


Having been equipped with contemporary laboratory facilities, the results of blood tests done by us usually come out within 30 minutes or less. Nevertheless, we have a strong relationship with external Laboratories to conduct more sophisticated tests for us and they receive blood samples from us on a daily basis.


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