Top Pet Names 2015

It's that time of year again, Aoife Caulfield of Just Cats Veterinary Clinic has our annual Top Pet Names Survey ready and there were a few surprises! Who know cat owners were soccer fans? While there has long been a trend for naming our pets human names, which feline moniker is steadily climbing the baby name stakes?

Although we only treat your feline friends at Just Cats Veterinary Clinic, Aoife Caulfield has managed to survey over 70,000 dogs and cats from veterinary clinics across Dublin, Meath and Kildare. 

Emily and Jack have reigned supreme year after year when it comes to popular baby names, but at the top of our dog stakes, Charlie has knocked Molly off the top spot from last year. Ever the traditionalists we are though, Kitty has managed to hold on to the feline lead. We had some new entries in the cat top 10 with Shadow (#8) and Coco (#10) knocking Lucy and Oscar, last years #9 and 10, out of the running. For dogs, Rocky jumped from 14 to 8 this year, knocking Buddy out of the top 10. Human names predominate our top 20 for both species with names like Molly, Charlie, Oscar, Lucy, Holly and Max being ever popular, showing that we still favor these names.

However, this year the traditional black and white cat name Felix is tipped to be a rising star for new babies for 2016, so maybe those tables are turning!

Apparently us pet owners are big sports fans with Messi and Pirlo bout becoming massively popular since 2013, mainly among the felids, but there are definitely a few fancy footed canines with those names too. One of our favorites was Buba Watson, after the American golfer. It just works on so many levels!

Celebrity names have continued to be popular with one in particular taking a big jump this year. Zoey/Zooey rose up our charts explosively and we wonder if it is anything to do with Zooey Deschanel?

Another emerging trend is the inimitable Star Wars names! There have been more than one pair of youngsters named R2 and D2 this year, while some Kylo Rens have been trotting through clinic doors across Dublin. Let's hope that this particular trend is not picked up by parents-to-be!

'Naming our pets is an opportunity for our imaginations to run wild. Unlike when naming our own offspring, we are not limited by societal norms or expectations.' According to Aoife Caulfield of Just Cats Veterinary Clinic. 'I hope that people really have fun when they choose a name for their new furry family member, along with all of the other fun of a new pet!'

Top Dog Names 2015
1. Charlie
2. Molly
3. Max
4. Jessie
5. Holly
6. Daisy
7. Toby
8. Rocky
9. Jack
10. Ruby

Top Cat Names 2015
1. Kitty
2. Tiger
3. Fluffy
4. Ginger
5. Lucky
6. Tigger
7. Charlie
8. Shadow
9. Molly
10. Coco



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