How to encourage your cat to drink more water

Does your cat drink as much water as it should? Probably not. Cats are not "natural drinkers" so you may need to encourage your cat to increse their water intake. Cats need water in their diet to help prevent with urinary and other medical problems. It  is not always easy to encourage water drinking but here are a few tips to help your feline friend with its water habits.


1. Feed your cat a combination of wet food and dry food. There is roughly 80% water in wet food so while they are loving the delicious chunks in gravy they are increasing their water intake without even knowing it.

2. Add water to their food, Wet or dry. Try adding some warm water to their food, they love the warm consistency of the food and are increasing their water levels.

3. Flavour their water bowl. Add a little water that you have cooked your meat in. This will give a meaty taste to their water and they will be much happier lapping up their water.

4.Mix it up a little. Some cats prefer water from puddles or boiled water. Try different types of water to figure out which one your cat likes best.

5. Some cats prefer flowing water. Try turning on a tap for them or invest in a cat water fountain where the water flows throughout. This keeps the water fresh for your cat and encourages them to drink.

6.Try different types of bowls. Some cats prefer plastic over ceramic, some metal over plastic. Try a variety of bowls and see which is tou your cats liking, Moving the bowl to different locations in your house can help also. Some cats don't like drinking in front of an exposed window or door so try moving it into a more private area of the house. And Vice versa if your cats bowl is in a sheltered area try moving it into a more exposed area as some feel threatened being in a dark sheltered area.

7. Ensure your cats food and water bowls are not placed near their litter tray. They do not like to mix the 2 activities (and who can blame them).

8. Have one water bowl per cat. Cats do not like when another cat comes up behind them while drinking so ensure there is enough water to go around.

9. Try placing some ice cubes from fish or other tasty items in your frezer into their water bowl, this will defrost and leave the yummy taste in their bowl.

10. Leave water bowls all around your house. This will encourage them to drink no matter room of the house they are in.


Give these a go and see which works best for your cat, They are all different but something as simple as one of the above steps can make a huge difference.



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