Just Cats Press Release

Just Cats is a new clinic dedicated to cats - only cats!

It’s a first for Dublin and follows international trends towards cat only vet care

For too long cats have been living in the shadows of our canine friends but a new clinic has opened its doors in Dublin aiming to change this and put cats on a pedestal (literally)!!  ‘Just Cats’ follows international trends towards cat specific veterinary care clinics due to the stress for cats associated with a visit to a vet.  

Head Vet Aoife Caulfied explains the motivation behind ‘Just Cats’.  “We have created a state-of-the-art clinic designed so that cats, who are very sensitive and complex animals, feel at home and at ease. It may seem obvious, but by banning dogs from the clinic significantly reduces stress, combined with other measures such as kennel design, appropriate equipment and cat friendly medications. Cats are stoic animals and do not show pain so without health checks, many diseases go unrecognised until the cat is in extreme discomfort. We are cat mad and the careful design of the clinic reflects this up to and including the cat gym,” added Caulfied.”

The number of pet cat owning households in Ireland in 2006 was 215,542 accounting for 42% of the pet population.  Today the number of pet cats in Ireland stands at approximately 315,000 and growing. 

Cat Friendly Clinics were established by International Cat Care in 2012 in the UK only.  Withi only one year they expanded due to demand to take in Europe and Australasia. There are 165 cat friendly practices in the UK with up to 5 new Cat Friendly Clinics accredited each month. Today there are cat friendly clinics in Australia (11), Hong Kong (3), China (3), Japan (6), Spain (32), Greece, Germany, Italy, Poland (2), Norway, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates (1).  In the USA the popularity of cat only clinics is rocketing.

The popularity of cat only clinics rests with eliminating the stresses associated with visiting the vet for cats and ‘Just Cats’ has got it just right!


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