Move Over Rover and Whiskers - Top Pet Names 2014

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When it comes to babies name, we know that in 2013, Jack and Emily were the most popular according to the CSO. But what about our furry friends? While trends and celebrity personalities often influence our choice of names of children, does it affect how we name our four legged friends? Up to now, no analysis or data has been available to reflect what we name dogs and cats but research from Just Cats Veterinary Clinic in Dublin has now clarified what we have all being waiting for.

This extensive study, which we have carried out here at Just Cats Veterinary Clinic, gathered data from 70,000 pets from Veterinary Clinics in Dublin, Meath & Kildare. Vet Aoife Caulfield compiled the most popular (and not so popular) pets names for 2014.

A noticeable trend with both cats and dogs is that celebrity names from TV, movies and music feature alongside the more traditional pets names. Such examples include Beyonce, Gandalf and Woody while Hector, Bono and Bosco represent our own homegrown celebrities. How flattered they all will be upon publication of this report.

The stereotypical names of Rover and Whiskers are listed between 150 and 200 on the list debunking all common preconceptions over pets names.  

The study also reflected the great divide in names choices between the northside and southside of Dublin. Sam, Jack and Ben were far more popular for dogs living north of the river Liffey compared to Daisy, Roxy and Buddy on the other side of town. Meanwhile with cats, traditional Northside names like Lucky, Sooty and Blackie were absent from the top 25 on Dublins southside being replaced by Coco, Lilly and Poppy. 


Perhaps this reflects the lack of lucky black cats around the boroughs of Dundrum and Deansgrange.

The study also showed some correlation with the most common babys names from the CSO study in 2013. Jack, Charlie, Holly and Lucy all feature highly on both cat and dog list of popular names.

‘’Pet names are becoming more humanised as cats and dogs take on a more integral role within the home and family. This is reflected in the increase in the pet cat population in Ireland which has doubled in the last 15 years, to over 310,000 pet cats in Ireland.Cats are becoming more popular as pets’’ according to Aoife, head vet with Just Cats Veterinary Clinic, ‘‘and this mirrors international trends where cats are more popular as pets in more densely populated urban areas. The UK has 165 ‘Cat Friendly’ veterinary clinics but we are the only one feline specific vet clinic in Dublin’’

Further down the list we were entertained by the not so common names that people use for their pets including cats called Twobellies, Cheesecake and Magnificat and dogs named Crusty, Morefuzz and Mini-Me. The CSO might need to take note in case we start calling our children after our pets.


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