"Just" a trip to the vets

Do you dread bringing your cat to the vets? Here are a few pointers to help make your experience a lot less stressful for you and your cat.

Cats differ from dogs in the sense that dogs can be tricked a lot easier than cats can. It's quite easy to get your dog onto a lead and walk him down to your vets or even to put him into the car by just using the word "walk" or "treat" or even just by you sounding excited by the upcoming event. Cats are not so easily fooled. For most cats the only time they see their carrier is when they are being brought for to vet, this usually means they are feeling quite unwell or are going to get poked and prodded so you can't really blame them if they run a mile when the cat carrier appears. 

To help minimise the affect of the dreaded carrier try making their carrier part of the furniture. Leave the carrier out every day and place some treats or their blankets in it to encourage them to enter of their own accord. This every day until needed should help them to disassociate the carrier with only unpleasant experiences.

The journey in the car can be stressful too so try covering the carrier in the car so they are not seeing the world go by so quickly which can lead to vomiting in the carrier and your cat left feeling "rotton". Stabilise the carrier, either with a seatbelt or something to steady it either side. This will prevent the cat from being thrown around the car.

Don't panic when your cat vocalises in the car because this will happen. It's a new experience for them, try lower the radio and keep everything calm in the car to help to make the journey a pleasant experience.It is also helpful to ring ahead to your vet to let them know you are on your way so they can ensure the pleasant experience of quiet and calmness is continued during their visit.

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