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Unsure about where to go or what to buy? Or even why you should?! Let us try and make it all a bit simpler for you...


All kittens have worms. They get them directly from their mother's milk as newborns. You may never see these worms in your cats poo, but there may be millions of microscopic eggs in their poo, on their hair, or on hairbrushes, beds and carpets. If left untreated, worms can lead to poor weight gain and growth, weight loss, bloating, diarrhoea and even death! 

Kittens should be wormed every 2 weeks until they are 16 weeks and then every month until they are 6 months. After this they should be done at least every 3 months for the rest of their lives. 

There are many types of worms that can infect your cat. The most common beign roundworms and tapeworms. Some can be fatal. We, as humans, can pick up some of these worms from our cat. Often they will not cause us any harm but occasionally they can cause serious disease and even blindness. Children, elderly and ill people are especially at risk. 

Be cautious when choosing a worm product. Some supermarkets and other retail outlets sell worm treatments that are not effective so please ask us for advice on what products are appropriate for your cat. And remember, not all worm treatments are in tablet form. If your cat hates tablets we can use a 'spot on' treatment. All this means is a small amount of liquid is placed on your cats skin and it is absorbed systemically. 


Fleas are dangerous for your cat as they can cause significant blood loss, causing anaemia, especially in kittens. They can also cause dermititis and skin allergies, and they transmit tapeworms. It is important to remember that if there are fleas on your cat, there are fleas in your house! There is zero doubt about this. For every one flea on your cat, there may be up to 100 eggs and larvae in your home! So as well as treating your cat it is vital you treat your home as these eggs and larvae will simply reinfest your cat. You must also be sure to treat any other pets in the house.

Flea prevention for your cat is very simple. Spot on treatments, applied to the skin between the shoulder, provide protection for on month usually, and are easy to apply. For your house, elbow grease is required. You will need to hot-wash any soft furnishing and bedding that your cat is in contact with. For those things that can't go in a washing machine, a good vacum goes a long way. There are also sprays available that will kill larvae are available to apply directly to couches or carpets. However, always do a patch test so you don't damage your fabrics. 

We have many options here for flea and worm treatments here at JustCats. One product we use here which is just for cats is Broadline. This treats and prevents fleas, ticks, tapeworms, roundworms and prevents heartworm for 1 month. We also have both tablet and spot-on forms of worm treatment, and many others. We will always cater for your individual cats lifestyle. 

Remember flea and worm products bought at a supermarket ARE NOT as effective and often just repel fleas than kill them. NEVER use dog only products on your cat. Drop in or call us on (01) 8227270 to chat about which treatment plan would be best for you and your cat. 

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