Giving Tablets

Do you dread your vet handing you tablets to treat your cat? Well here is a few tips on how to make "pilling" time that little bit easier.

The easiest way to tablet your cat is to cruch it up and put in in their food. This is the perfect way to do it providing the pill is appropiate to crush. Make sure you ask your vet (or check the manufacturer’s instructions) so that you know whether the tablet can be divided or crushed, and whether it can be administered with food. If the tablet is ok to be administered with food, crush the tablet and ensure you pop it into a small aount of food so they will eat all of it. (Also ensuring there is enough to mask the taste and visible tablet). There are pill crushers available to help to crush the tablet just ask us here at Just Cats.

If your cat is wise to the fact their is a tablet in their food (and rest assured a lot of them will be) try giving the tablet in something tasty that they're not  used to having like tuna. Most of the time they are so excited to get the treat they don't give themselves the chance to notice the tablet.

If it is the case that you cannot crush or divide the tablet, don't panic. It is a little bit more difficult but not by any means impossible. The best way to start is to keep your cat nice and calm. Have a 2nd person available to help if possible. Have the tablet ready. While petting your cat gently bring your hand over the nose of your cat to her mouth.  Tilt your cat's head back. Hold the cat with this hand and gently squeeze on your cats jaw, This will encourage them to open their mouth. Once their mouth is open swiftly pop the tablet into their mouth as far over the tongue as possible. Close your cats mouth and gently rub on her throat. This will encourage her to swallow the tablet.There are pill poppers also available from Just Cats to help you with this. This approach works best when you and your cat are calm.

If your cat is not tolerant of this method then a little more restraint is necessary. Here are a few ways to restrain your cat:

Restrain your cat with a towel. This can be especially useful for very wriggly cats or if you don’t have a second person to help hold your cat. Use a mid-sized soft towel – not too large or it will be unwieldy. Put the towel on the floor or a flat stable surface and then put the cat on top of the towel, facing away from you. Bring up one side of the towel and then the other, around the cat’s neck so that your cat is thoroughly wrapped and cannot get its front legs out of the opening. Hold your cat gently but firmly in the towel and proceed as above.

If none of the above methods work for your cat feel free to give us a shout here at Just Cats on 018227270 and we will be more than happy to help you and your feline friend.

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