National Feral Cat Awareness Week

This week is National feral cat awarenes week. The number of feral cats in Ireland is above hundreds of thousands. This is as a result of feral cats mating with other cats and breeding numerous litters of kittens. These kittens grow up to be wild also as they have no human contact. They learn to fend for themselves and more often than not this does not involve any kind of human interaction. This makes it very difficult for anyone to catch these feral cats. A lot of us will feed these feral cats when they show up in our garden but unfortunately this is not enough. In order to minimise the number of feral cats we need to neuter. A lot of charities are running a TNR programme (trap, Neuter and release). 

This involves getting a trap cage. This is a long cage that you set the door on a latch and place food in the back of the trap. When the cat walks in to get the food the trap door will release and close behind her. This is the most humane way to catch feral cats. The cat will then be brought to your local participating charity or veterinary clinic and the cat will be neutered. After neutering the cat is returned to where it was caught and will be released. This allows the cat to continue living her life but will prevent unwanted kittens and therefore help minimise the number of feral cats in Ireland.

This can be a tricky operation so it is best if the whole community can get involved and help catch the feral cats. This will enable the cat to be caught and neutered quicker.

For more information on national feral cat awareness week please contact your local cat charity or visit

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