Just Different? - Introducing Just Cats

Dublin's First Cat-Only Veterinary Clinic - Just Cats

We would like to introduce Just Cats Veterinary Clinic, Dublin's first and only dedicated feline veterinary clinic. Just like the name says, we are a vet clinic that is exclusively for cats and their owners. No dogs allowed! While a 'cat-only' vet clinic is a new concept here in Dublin, the concept is well established internationally, in North America, the UK and Australia especially. We understand that cats are not always easy patients and our aim at Just Cats is to make a visit to the vet as enjoyable as possible, for both you and your cat. We do this by creating an environment that is more relaxing for your cat whilst sharing the responsibility with our cat owners to find treatment options that are suitable and convenient for everyone involved.

The principles of 'Cat-Friendliness' in veterinary medicine have been expanded in recent years to improve the welfare and comfort of our feline patients. Just Cats' approach cat-friendliness in three ways.

#1 We have Cattitude!

We genuinely understand cats. As a team, we have adopted handling and communication techniques that will reduce your cat's stress associated with visits to the vet. We allow time for your cat to adjust to the clinic environment during the consultation. The feline facial pheromones that diffuse in the air throughout the clinic help too!

#2 Education

We are continuously undertaking further education in the field of feline medicine, surgery and behaviour and are up to date with the most recent advancements in these fields. We are also delighted to help educate cat owners on any aspect of cat care. We are always willing to teach owners in a practical way by demonstration and we can provide quality reading information on many topics on request.

#3 Bespoke Clinic Design

We have designed our new clinic taking cat comfort into consideration at every step. Our waiting room has a strict 'no dogs' policy, and raised areas to place your cat's carrier are provided to reduce stress. Cats really don't like being on the floor! Our kennels are designed with optimum dimensions for your cat's stay and are made of a non-reflective, warm moulded plastic material. There is a perch in each kennel to help your cat feel more secure. We have optimised our equipment and medications to suit feline patients.

We are members of the International Society of Feline Medicine and adhere to their guidelines on feline-friendly handling and feline friendly nursing care. See www.icatcare.org for more information on the 'Cat Friendly Clinic' and 'WellCat for Life' programmes.

We offer a full range of veterinary services but provide them in a cat friendly way. We can also pay particular attention and have equipment optimised to deal with some conditions that are more common in cats, such as high blood pressure or kidney disease.

As cat lovers, we are excited to promote 'Cat Friendly' veterinary medicine and we hope to meet you and your cat soon. Please call us on 01 8227270 for more information on coming to visit. Your cat will thank you too!


Dublins First Cat Only Veterinary Clinic; Just Cats Veterinary Clinic, Coolmine, Clonsilla, Dublin 15.

We are all about cats!



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