It is probably a lesser known fact that “cat breath” is not normal.

Halitosis (bad breath) is often the first sign of bad oral health and may indicate infection.

When plaque builds up on teeth, it hardens and turns to tartar. This in turn irritates the gums, causing gingivitis and, if left untreated, can lead to periodontal disease. This is an extremely painful condition that requires extractions to alleviate symptoms.

Unfortunately, our pets can be very good at hiding pain, so you may not notice at first. 

World Cup 2018 has started but what do our cats think of that? :)

world cup 2018, cats and world cup

It's safe to say that most cat owners know that any change in routine does not impress our feline friends one bit!

Cats like things to stay the same and are put off by people and situations that theyare not used to. So when the lads come round in June to watch the World Cup in your home, how will your cat feel?

It is important that cats are given the space they need to remove themselves from situations they don't feel comfortable in so give them a quiet room that will be undisturbed for the evening.


Just Cats pet health plan

Many of the issues that we see affecting cats can often be identified early. With rapid intervention, illnesses can be delayed, or even prevented entirely, depending on the condition. Regular check-ups at the vet are very important for monitoring an animal's general health as they go through different life stages, but more often than not, the cost of consultation fees and medications may result in pet owners becoming reluctant to book an appointment.

Squats and Abs just for cats!


Good health and fitness are key to a long, healthy and happy life; both for you and your cat. As much as we need regular exercise, so do our cats. Today when most of us are leading such sedentary lifestyles, it is even more important to give exercising and fitness the attention it deserves. So this one is for all you cat owners, you can exercise, make your cat exercise and have fun- all at the same time. How?

How to exercise with your cat and bring in fitness?

Run Around the house!

Introducing a New Cat

Pictured: Ismene and Jasper shortly after our nurse Joe adopted Ismene


Knowing your Cat

In their natural state, cats generally tend to spend time in solitude with the most common groupings in the wild being female family members who gather in colonies. With domestication today, a lot of families adopt multiple cats into the home which isn’t how they would choose to spend their time.

Holiday Safety Tips For Cats

It is natural to be enthusiastic about the upcoming holidays and look forward to deck up the whole house for Christmas and New Year. However, you should not forget in your enthusiasm that felines are attracted to shiny and stringy objects which are not always safe for them. Here are some tips that you can follow to keep your cats safe from holiday mishaps:

Antifreeze is deadly for your cat

cats antifreeze, dogs antifreeze, poisoning in pets, dog poisons, cat poisons

We love our cats as much as you love yours, that’s why we always want to take care of them and the environment they live in.

If a household is not kept clean for our own health as well as our pets, their health and ours may be compromised. In some cases, they may experience Antifreeze poisoning – one of the most common forms of poisoning that occurs in cats.

Safety Tips on How to Make this Halloween Cat Friendly

Halloween and cats,

Dressing Your Cat Can Cause Anxiety.

Dressing your cat for Halloween may sound like fun to you but your pet may not feel the same way. If you are going to dress your cat, make sure to associate it with a happy, positive experience with lots of praise and treats! Don't put them in a costume if they are not happy in it. Try a spooki collar or festive bandana instead.

Reasons To Neuter Your Cat

What is neutering?

Neutering is a general term used to describe the surgery performed by the vet, to prevent the animal from being able to breed.

In males, the surgery is known as castration. This involves the removal of the cat's testicles.

In females, the surgery is known as spaying. This involves the removal of the cat's ovaries and womb.

What is the importance of neutering?

Neutering your cat has health benefits and is important for population control.


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