Please call ahead if you plan to visit our clinic.

    We are trying to space out visits to reduce contact time.

    If you have an appointment with us, please make sure it is one person only with your pet.

    We love seeing children but please don't bring them to the clinic at this time.

    For repeat medications and for pet food please call us with at least 24 hours notice so that we can have them ready for you.

    Please call into the reception to let us know you have arrived and then wait in your car. When we are ready to see you, we will call you in.

    Where possible please pay by card.


    Be kind, be patient. Together we will get through this.

  • Bring your cat to a Vet clinic for Just Cats

  • Our Team

    Who will you meet when you visit us?

     Roberta D'Antone

    Vet Surgeon

    Originally from Sicily, Roberta qualified from the University of Bologna in 2012. Before joining our team in Just Cats Roberta worked in the DSPCA and in the referral Veterinary Hospital in UCD.

    Roberta's passion for cats brought her to pursue further studies to obtain a Post Graduate Certificate in Feline Practice.

    Hannah Tymlin

    Vet Surgeon

    Hannah is our second vet here in Just Cats. Hannah grew up with cats in her home; her childhood was full of them! After she left college, she knew that she wanted to go back and study veterinary medicine and graduated from UCD in 2016.

    After working in one of our sister clinics after she left UCD, Hannah knew she wanted to join our team to extend her knowledge on feline medicine. She is our first opinion vet here in Just Cats and is always delighted to see you and your furry baby!

    Roisin Gavin

    Vet Nurse

    You may remember Roisin from her placements and Saturday shifts here with us while she was still in college. Roisin graduated from Dundalk in 2018 and is now one of our full time nurses. Roisin went back to college after qualifying as a hairdresser to pursue a career in veterinary nursing.

    Roisin fostered a cat for a while before ultimately making the decision to keep him on full time. Beemer adjusted very well.


    Evie McClafferty

    Vet Nurse

    Evie qualified from UCD in June 2019. Her parents got two little kittens when she was two and that's when her love for cats began. She has a keen interest in emergency medicine and has worked in the Pet Emergency Hospital in the past.


  • Cat health plans save you money.

    Get free Vet visits and vaccines along with other savings from as little as €16 per month.

  • Services

    Digital Radiography


    Here at Just Cats, digital x-ray provides us with a non-invasive method of diagnosing your cat’s internal organs and systems.


    It is environmentally friendly and it decreases the radiation exposure that your cat goes through.

    Digital radiology is normally used to check bone and joint conditions. It is also used to screen for cancer and abnormalities in the organs. At Just Cats we provide dental radiography too; all done digitally





    Dental disease in cats is one of the most common diseases we see. It causes severe pain & discomfort. We believe that healthy teeth are essential to a cat's wellbeing and life outcomes.


    At Just Cats we offer dental radiography and a full range of dental procedures and treatments to ensure they live a long and happy life. If you think your cat's teeth could do with a checkup, don't delay - Call us to book your appointment now.





    Our in-house laboratories facilities eliminate unnecessary waiting time in identifying your cat’s illness, or as part of a routine check. Testing a sample of your cat’s blood, urine, skin, hair or faeces in our own facilities, allows us to make rapid diagnoses.


    Most test results are available approximately 15 minutes after the collection!





    Saying goodbye is never easy.


    For most pet owners, even thinking about their pet's final days is difficult and emotional. Find out about your options, including our cremation services, before making any key decisions. Taking the time to plan will reduce the stress for you and your pet.


    You can rely on us to provide you the support you need to make informed choices each step of the way. We will do our best to help you prepare for these important issues with the compassion and sensitivity they require.


    For more information or to book an appointment contact the Just Cats team.

    Free Nurse Clinics


    Our fully qualified Registered Veterinary Nurses are always on hand to give advice to our clients.

    What Nurse clinics are free for my pet?

    • Weight clinics: Our nurses run a free weight clinic. Your pet will be weighed here and their body condition assessed. The nurse will then make a nutritional and exercise plan and arrange a plan to keep them on the right track.

    • Flea & worm treatment. We understand worm tablets can be tricky!

    • Post-surgical exams

    • Senior checks.

    Contact us to book your FREE nurse check.



    At Just Cats we offer great value neutering for cats as we passionately believe in the benefits of neutering your pets to ensure they live happier and healthier lives.


    1. Neutering or spaying increases your cat's chances for a longer and healthier life.

    2. A neutered cat is a better pet for your family.

    3. Spaying eliminates the risk of certain cancers.

    4. You are helping to alleviate the cat overpopulation problem.


    Speak to us today if you would like to discuss further any aspect of neutering your cat and we'll be happy to help.





    Whether your cat is not responding to treatment or getting a closer look at what might be a problem area, our vets may suggest an abdominal ultrasound for your pet.

    Ultrasound is a form of imaging that allows us to look inside your pet’s body without the use of surgery. It is a completely non-invasive technique. The ultrasound machine sends sound waves into your pet’s body, these sound waves are reflected back to form a picture of what’s going on inside your pet.



    Sometimes we offer endoscopy as a service - this involves placing a camera into wherever needs to be investigated; be that into the stomach, lungs, or nose.


    Endoscopes are a fantastic way of quickly diagnosing illnesses or injuries in your cat that we otherwise might not be able to see.




    Pet Passports


    If you'd like to take your cat abroad on holiday with you, you'll need a pet passport.


    Just Cats can help you plan your trip and ensure that you have both the necessary documentation and all the correct vacinations to ensure that you have a smooth journey and a relaxing time away with your favourite feline. If you're going on holiday it pays to plan ahead, so call our team today.





    Here at Just Cats, every member of our staff has

    undergone or is currently studying for specific feline


    This means that our team is fully invested in providing

    cats with superior care tailored especially for our cat



    No other clinic in the Dublin area has the level of cat

    specific equipment and training that we have here at

    Just Cats, make us your first port of call if your cat requires referral for a more complex case.


    To refer an animal, please complete the Referral Form‌

  • why are we different?

    Puuurfect place for cats


    No dogs!

    We all know that cats can get very upset in a waiting room filled with barking & equally nervous dogs; especially when a curious canine comes up to your feline's carrier to say hello!

    In Just Cats we only see cats.

    Sorry doggies but you are not welcome here.


    Specially trained

    Every member of our staff has undergone or is currently studying for specific feline qualifications.


    This means that our team is fully invested in providing your cat with superior care tailored especially for our cat patients.


    Cat sized

    Unlike other mixed clinics everything we have here in Just Cats is purpose build specially for cats; from dental instruments to tables sizes to the size of our waiting room.

    Our facilities are specifically designed to make your cat as comfortable as possible.



    Here at Just Cats we have always been big believers in treating each cat personality differently. We call it having cattitude.

    As an ISFM certified cat-friendly practice, we do all that we can to improve the welfare of the cats in our care, including pledging to have scruff free handling in our clinic.

  • Make an appointment

    Book in to see us at a time that suits you.

  • Cat health plans save you money.

    Get free Vet visits and vaccines along with other savings from as little as €15 per month.

    Free Vet Visits & Vaccines

    Never pay for a visit or vaccine again.

    When your cat has a Just Cats Pet Health Plan, you never have to worry about paying to see our Vets or Nurses again.

    20% Off Food

    Feed your cat the best for less.

    All Royal Canin diets are 20% less when you are on our Cat Health Plan. This allows you to feed your cats a high quality diet without having to worry about the cost.

    Free Annual Blood Test

    They can't talk to us so let the blood test do the talking.

    Every year we do a general blood screen to check the function of internal organs. This allows us check the health of your feline friend and ensure everything is as it seems.

    Free Parasite Prevention

    Never have to worry about creepy crawlies ever again!

    With our additional parasite pack, your cats gets year long protection against fleas, ticks and worms. Protect your cat, protect your home.

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