Check out our cattery! Our cat only ambience in continued through our cattery doors. Our warm and cosy room gives each cat the option curling up warm and toasty or coming out to play with us and with our cat friendly toys and scratching posts. Our kennels have been designed and manufactured to the highest specification, accounting for the psychology of the cat. Pheremone diffusers p;ugged in throughout helps even the nervous cats to settle in with us. Perches allow the cat to feel safe and secure, while allowing a lounging area that is away from other functions such as eating and toileting. If the cat desires, they will be allowed out for daily exercise in out kitty playground (see photos), where staff will encourage play. Having raised kennels allows your cat to feel safe and secure while also keeping an eye on everything going on around them. Hidey boxes gives them an added sense of security where they can hide away from everything or just curl up to go asleep in. If they are the shy type, we will try to find play or cuddle time that suits them best. All cats are different and we love discovering the different personalitis and tailoring their stay around their wants and needs. Dietary preferences and medical conditions can be managed on request, please mention these when booking.